Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer, Minister

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I have been a professional spiritual counselor for twenty years. At present, I live in Santa Barbara, CA and have a thriving private practice counseling hundreds of people a year through clairvoyant readings and spiritual healings.  I also teach the meditation skills that I know and use in my work as a spiritual counselor. I enjoy helping people move forward in their spiritual growth.

For many years, I have studied with Michael Tamura, spiritual teacher. I graduated from a Healer’s Apprenticeship Intensive program taught by him.  I also completed the Graduate Program and have continued to study with him for personal healing and advancement.

For several years, I was a professional reader and healer at a local Metaphysical Gift and Bookstore a well as at a  local Resort and Spa.

In 1999, I attended a program at Clearsight to become an ordained metaphysical minister. In 1997, I completed a twelve month course at Clearsight to develop my clairvoyant skills. During that time, I also took the Energy Medicine series to develop my healing skills.  My background includes a BSN in nursing and I have worked as a nurse, advocate and teacher for 35 years. I also worked as a nurse consultant and director of the exercise program at a holistic health and growth retreat, where I learned about homeopathy, essential oils, dream therapy, color therapy, flower essences and other alternative ways of healing. I have been interested in holistic health and healing since 1981 and have integrated those principles in my life since that time.